Rafajlovski audit DOO for a long period of time is a company for audit and consulting services that has achieved leading position in Macedonia. Since 1991 the Company was actively working on audit like a part of Rafajlovski Konsalting DOO - Skopje.

In 2000 Rafajlovski audit DOO has separated from Rafajlovski Konsalting DOO - Skopje according to the new regulation in Republic of Macedonia and until now it is working like an independent company Rafajlovski Audit DOO - Skopje. According to the given license from the Ministry of finance the Company is authorized to perform audit on the territory of Republic of Macedonia..

Audit team of Rafajlovski audit DOO constantly cooperate with tax and law consultants from.

The Company constantly meets the requirements for professional services on domestic and foreign clients and it offers a wide spectrum of professional services. For the needs of the investors, banks, business partners and shareholders of the companies, Rafajlovski audit offers:

  • audit of the financial statements of the companies according to the International Audit Standards as well as according to the domestic regulations;
  • tax services
  • accounting services

Our expertise is proven in realization of the following services:

  • limited review of the financial statements;
  • preparation of due diligence programs for domestic and foreign investors;

Why choose Rafajlovski Audit?

Rafajlovski audit DOO represents maximal responsibility to the client. This kind of approach will provide not only the audit with greatest quality degree, but also in Rafajlovski audit DOO you will obtain your own business adviser. In order to achieve this kind of approach Rafajlovki audit provides the following:

Audit team that understands your activity. Understands and answers on challenges that you faced with. Team that is independent and objective. Team that will provide professional advices appropriate to your needs.

The approach to the audit that on time will signal the management about the faults and will not allow "surprises". It will be concentrate on basic material issues. On time will provide practical results and recommendations for the management. Team that will build long term relations with You trough recommendations for development of organization of Your work.

Openliness of the team during the audit our approach requires communication with the management on the regular bases. We listen and understand your problems. You are concisely and on time informed. We give concise and explicit recommendations and advices for development of the organization of your working.

Our audit approach will be tailored specifically to your business and the regulatory and market environments in which it operates. To do that, we will create a business model that represents the foundation for an audit by assessing your control environment. Our business model will help ensure that we fully understand your business processes, your goals, and your strategies. This model will be a blueprint for identifying and assessing risks that may threaten achievement of your objectives. From this information, the engagement team can remain focused on risks that impact your business and the financial statement audit.

Specific approach of Rafajlovski audit  DOO
during the perform of services

Rafajlovski audit DOO in the course of performing services for its clients, has proved in the Republic of Macedonia through the specific approach and attention that dedicates to each client separately. This specific approach for each client separately is made through arranging meetings with key management on any level, and the main objective is to take in consideration expectances of the management in accordance with required services. Comprehensions achieved on these meetings are the base for performing services.

Value of our services

The reputation of  Rafajlovski audit DOO, about its organizational structure, managers of the audit team and its technical and financial knowledge are on the higher level. That separates Rafajlovski audit DOO from the competition. We are convinced that by choosing Rafajlovski audit DOO, the Company will have benefits, not just because of the appropriate experiences in performing services, but also because of  the approach and actions in executing the activities that Rafajlovski audit DOO represent.

Rafajlovski audit DOO for a long time is a company for audit and consulting services that has achieved leading position in Macedonia, proved in preparation of projects with great importance for implementation of the International Accounting Standards in our country. In performing the business services, besides its own professional team Rafajlovski audit DOO, engage renowned names from different specific areas in the Republic of Macedonia and abroad.

For the Company Rafajlovski audit DOO could provide:

  • Leading and functional expert analysis;
  • Regular involving of our experts during the year;
  • Communication with the management on the regular bases;
  • Resolving of problems that will bring creativity and innovations on all management levels

Behaving Professionally

  • Rafajlovski audit DOO will deliver professional services in accordance with policies and relevant technical and professional standards.
  • Rafajlovski audit DOO  offer only those services that can deliver and strive to deliver no less than it's commitments.
  • Rafajlovski audit DOO compete vigorously, engaging only in practices that are legal and ethical.
  • Rafajlovski audit DOO  meet it's contractual obligations and report and charge honestly for it's services.
  • Rafajlovski audit DOO  respect the confidentiality and privacy of clients, people and others with whom do business. Unless authorized, we do not use confidential information for personal use, our benefit or to benefit a third party. We disclose confidential information or personal data only when necessary, and when appropriate approval to do so has been obtained, and/or we are compelled to do so by legal, regulatory or professional requirements.
  • Rafajlovski audit DOO  avoid conflicts of interest. Where potential conflicts are identified and we believe that the respective parties' interests can be properly safeguarded by the implementation of appropriate procedures, we will implement such procedures.
  • Rafajlovski audit DOO  treasure independence of mind. We protect our clients' and other stakeholders' trust by adhering to our regulatory and professional standards, which are designed to enable us to achieve the objectivity necessary in our work. In doing so, we strive to ensure our independence is not compromised or perceived to be compromised. We address circumstances that impair or could appear to impair our objectivity.

When faced with difficult issues or issues that place Rafajlovski audit DOO  at risk, we consult appropriate Rafajlovski audit DOO  individuals before taking action. We follow our applicable technical and administrative consultation requirements.